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Emergency Eye Wash Stations
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Emergency Eye Wash Stations

Emergency Eye Wash Stations - Eye WashesCovering just 0.01% of the body, eye injuries account for 10% of workplace injuries.  

Australian Standards regarding various classes of chemicals require  a compliant eyewash within 10 seconds of where the chemicals are stored and handled.  

Eye Wash Stations supplied by Spill Station meet the Australian Standard for Emergency Eye Wash Equipment (AS477-2007).

As well as the standard eyewashes, Spill Station provide new generation emergency eyewash station with integral lid to ensure the bowl and the water outlets are kept free of dust. Emergency eyewash stations are available  as wall, pedestal and bench mounted as well as fixed to the safety showers. Portable eyewashes are also available for used where there is no access to mains water.  

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