Safety Shower and Eyewash

Safety Shower and Eyewash
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Safety Shower and Eyewash

Safety Shower and EyewashWhen chemicals splash onto eyes and skin, response time is critical. The difference between minor and major injury can be measured in seconds.  

The Hughes range of combination eye/face wash and safety showers has been manufactured and refined for over 40 years to ensure it will work first time, every time. Built under ISO9001:2008, all safety showers and eye wash units meet Australian Standard Australian Standard for Emergency Eye Wash and Shower Equipment AS 4775-2007.  

The heart of the highest quality safety shower and eyewash unit is the valve. It is guaranteed to outlast any other safety shower valve on the market. All Hughes emergency shower and eye wash units carry a 2 year warranty. That is double that which is offered by any other Australian supplier.  

The range of combination safety shower/eyewash units includes:  

Standard  Safety Shower & Eyewash   
Ideal where overheating of water in shower pipes is not an issue

Self Draining Shower/ Eye Wash                
Required where showers are exposed to direct sunlight

Self Contained Tank Shower & Eye Wash  
Required where mains water supply is unavailable  

For technical information and details of the complete range of Emegency Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations, click here



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